Conference Organisers

Dr Alexia Moncrieff

Research Fellow, School of History, University of Leeds


Dr Alexia Moncrieff works on ‘Men, Women and Care: The gendering of formal and informal care in interwar Britain’, a project funded by the ERC in the School of History at the University of Leeds. Her research examines the ways in which distance shaped the care available to disabled British ex-servicemen who emigrated after the First World War. Her doctoral research, completed at the University of Adelaide in 2017, examined the work of the Australian Army Medical Corps in the First World War.

Dr Michael Robinson

University of Liverpool


Dr Michael Robinson completed his PhD at the University of Liverpool in 2017. His thesis was dedicated to the post-war experiences of mentally ill British Army veterans who returned to Ireland. A journal article assessing the rehabilitation of disabled British Army veterans who resided in the Irish Free State was recently published in Irish Studies Review, and he has a research methods article dedicated to using mental health records as historical sources published in Liverpool University Press’ Using Primary Sources. During his doctorate, he undertook Research Fellowships at University College Dublin and University of Georgia USA. Dr Robinson is currently in the process of adapting his PhD for publication as a monograph.